Kindness is our secret sauce,” he said when I asked my client how the company grew by 100 times in under 5 years.

Together, he and I have been working on using Enlightened Perspectives to create more productivity for the better part of a decade. Now he’s fully implementing the ideas with his 100+ employees. The results are unprecedented in his industry.

Enlightened perspectives like kindness, compassion, and “trusting that all is well” can completely revolutionize your business and your income. It’s not uncommon for my clients to achieve a 3 times increase in productivity just by exposing them to the basic enlightened perspectives I’ve developed.

Enlightenment is actually very pragmatic. It’s looking at the situation without cultural dogma and filters. It is the recognition that the source of life within you is the source of life in everyone and everything.

Ask any quantum physicist and they will tell you that we are all the same thing expressing itself with infinite variety.

When you are able to connect with the idea that everything you see is what you are… and the spark of life in you is the spark of life in everything else… then your power to create a successful business is enhanced.


Here are 8 things you can expect when you start to apply enlightened perspectives in your business.

#1: You don’t get upset with clients or other people in the business. When you experience oneness, not much ruffles your feathers.

#2: You can face the worst case scenario and be ruthlessly honest about your numbers and profitability.

#3: The natural volatility of your business doesn’t stress you out. You can handle the ups and downs stress-free.

#4: Because you are capable of being extremely present to others, you have natural magnetism which makes you very influential.

#5: Because you are fearless, you are capable of extreme logic and critical thinking. Your emotions don’t cloud your thinking.

#6: Because you can see things so clearly, you take bigger risks, and reap the rewards. Nothing feels very risky when you know you are infinite.

#7: You enjoy what you do because you don’t resist the people, the situation or the work. You accept things as they are and move forward from there.

#8: You massively increase your network because you are capable of seeing the perfection in every person you meet.

This is a winning combination of traits that once employed in your business will become “the secret sauce” of your success.

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