[Enlightened Perspectives 07] When you practice these unprovable dogmatic statements, your mind starts to go quiet and you become present to your infinite nature.

If you are going to make things up, you might as well make things up that empower you and feel good. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad. It’s about feeling and living.

To make things more interesting. Each of these statements causes your muscles to go strong when you expose yourself to them. Not sure that means anything other than you are strengthened by these statements.

  1. Nothing offends me unless I assign a meaning that threatens my perspective. In other words, I offend myself with my interpretation and the ignorantly blame the other person.
  2. All things good, bad, right and wrong are the same thing. The only thing that gives life quality or a quantifier is my interpretation.
  3. God is impersonal and does not care. The label God implies that it is the source of all things. Everything that is unmanifested potentiality self-organizing into you, I and everything else is not personal. The entire spectrum of life is God.
  4. God just is.
  5. God cannot be offended because there is no such thing as right and wrong. The background field of energy and information that creates all things is not offended by what it is creating. Just like you are not offended by what you create. What you create is what you are and what God creates is what it is.
  6. All actions, attitudes, and beliefs have consequences and there is no need for me to police them. Degrading thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors have their own consequence. Divine justice is always at play. Let the world be the way it is.

I know its confronting. These are the kinds of dogmatic unprovable statements I have dedicated my life to. I’ve practiced them in my own life to understand the impact and the result has been profound states of joy and optimism. A peace that cannot be described.

Now it’s your turn. Play with these statements today and see how it affects your experience. Give us a report if you feel compelled. We are uplifted by your sharing even if you completely and totally disagree… sometimes we like that even better 🙂