Manish welcoming us to Siliguri in the Buddhist tradition

Kristen and I are in the middle of a 3 week trip to Southeast Asia, thanks to our Spiritual Hooligan friend Manish Chanda.

So far, the trip has been filled with a nearly indescribable amount of food, friends and sights (from profound poverty to incredible luxury… the contrast here is extreme).

While traveling through Tibet in 2006, my mind went quiet after meditating for 16 days. The Drunk Monkey literally stopped talking, and for the first time, I experienced living with pure inspiration.

Then, I got home.

It was only through the specific, and deliberate use of muscle testing that I was able to embark on a decade-long development of techniques to attain and maintain a quiet mind state.

Being back here, traveling with Kristen and Manish (along with his sister Minnie) has been like a coming home of sorts.

I am even MORE devoted to teaching others the techniques I’ve developed in order to experience profound, long periods of quiet mind. I want you to know how delicious life is living in an enlightened state… no ashram required.

Below are some photos from the past week as we traveled through Bangkok, Kolkata, and up into Darjeeling India, tucked up near Nepal, China and Bhutan where Manish attended boarding school.

Twelve years ago, Southeast Asia profoundly impacted my life… it was a catalyst for change… and the beginning of a journey to discover how to live in the Western World, while experiencing a quiet mind.

I am so happy to have you on this journey with me.

Arriving in Bangkok

Breakfast at the Saffron Hotel in Siliguri

The drive up to Darjeeling at nearly 6700 feet

Walking around Darjeeling, India