Matthew Ferry muscle testing with a participant at Epic Life Live

Warning: If you are offended by swearing, please do not watch.

What if you could eliminate your negative beliefs? What if you could rapidly resolve inner conflicts that create negativity in your life?

Would life be easier for you? Would you simply enjoy life more?

I know with certainty you would.

Experiencing more of what life has to offer, starts with admitting that you believe things about yourself, life and other people that aren’t true and they aren’t false either.

Much of what you believe is just your made up stories. No evidence. No proof. But that doesn’t stop you from believing it. Some beliefs create conflict. Some beliefs make life easier.

The question is, “Why do you keep believing things that create conflict and make you feel bad?”

You are high conscious enough to see the degrading effects on your life. But, OMG it is not easy to stop believing things that create conflict, agitation, frustration, and annoyances.

If so much of what you believe is unprovable, personal perspective or dogma, then why do you intentionally fight for figments of your imagination as if they mean life or death? You see yourself doing it, right?

What if there was a way to eliminate your negative beliefs and replace them with empowering perspectives?

Two decades ago I began to experiment with a little known technique called Applied Kinesiology aka Muscle Testing. Over the years I’ve developed a process to quickly eliminate limiting and negative beliefs and replace them with empowering perspectives.

For decades I’ve done this behind closed doors for myself, my family and my clients. Today, I’m sharing the process that I’ve developed with you.

Check out the footage below of me using the technique to destroy limiting and negative beliefs from my recent Epic Life Live event in Irvine California.

My hope is that these demonstrations will start you on your path of reconsidering how you think about the world and finding more peace.

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs aka Busting Your Dogma (7:14)


What is Muscle Testing and How Does it Bust Limiting Beliefs aka Your Dogma (13:25)

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Putting Limiting Beliefs about Life and Death to the test (5:10)

Is Your Soul On Vacation As A Human Being? (3:40)


Are We Hear to Learn Lessons? (1:51)


What Is The Purpose of Being Alive? (2:46)

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