I recently received a wonderful message telling me that the way you get The Drunk Monkey to stop talking was through Mantra Based Meditation. Which I happen to agree with in spirit. But what happens after you stop meditating?

After 40 years of meditation and inner work, I believe I have added a deeper layer to the concepts of mind, unconscious mind, consciousness, soul etc. In a nutshell, I have figured out a way to get The Drunk Monkey to stop talking altogether.

1. The Drunk Monkey is not very controllable. It’s automatic. It is an expression of consciousness creating. That’s what we all are; consciousness creating. The Drunk Monkey’s primary function is to provide you with instructions to navigate your life through seeking pleasure (life-giving) and avoiding pain (life depriving). It has 12 Unconscious Reflexes that move the human in the direction of survival.

2. There are 10 Hidden Motives to Survive which are neither conscious or unconscious. They appear to be what survival consciousness is. They are present in all of life of which humans are included.

When you see yourself as infinite and you know that all is well, you heal the imbalances of the Hidden Motives to Survive. When you transcend the need to be alive, there is no longer any reason for the survival mind (The Drunk Monkey) to interrupt you with its Unconscious Reflexes.

That’s when the fun begins. There is another aspect of mind that is thriving in nature. It’s always there. But not very accessible with the dominance of The Drunk Monkey.