HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED how chatty the mind can be? The thing never shuts up. It constantly fires off unwanted, uninvited thoughts that distract, worry and concern you. Often at really inconvenient times.

The mind throws you into states of doubt, fear, and frustration when it thinks it’s in danger.

Once you see what the mind is doing, you begin to notice that it serves one purpose: to keep you safe in a world where eventually you will die.

The mind is not designed for creativity, calm, or peace. In fact, listening to your intuition is ridiculous to a mind that is collecting evidence about why you shouldn’t take a risk in business or go against the status quo in your personal life.

In its simplest form, the mind is designed to be on high alert. To be on the lookout. To play defense. To spot trouble. To avoid the uncomfortable. Fears, worry, anxiety, concern, stress, avoidance, procrastination, these are the effects of a noisy mind.

They are physiological responses to mind chatter. That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news. When your mind is quiet, you can hear your intuition. You are guided by inspiration.

Opportunities that were clouded by a crammed schedule and an overburdened mind are suddenly available. Having a Quiet Mind gives you access to creating the level of ease, happiness and peace of mind you’ve been craving. When you achieve a Quiet Mind state, you will find yourself going from one thing to another in a state of ease. No resistance to what’s occurring.

New ideas will come and inspire you to take action. Coincidences, serendipity, and miracles become commonplace. Manifesting the big things you desire becomes easy, effortless and enjoyable. Days of pushing, driving and “making things happen” will naturally fade away.

Having a quiet mind frees you to explore new ideas, to take a risk on a hunch and enjoy yourself even when the things around are you falling apart, or aren’t the way you’d prefer they be.

Having a Quiet Mind is the ideal state for navigating whatever nasty circumstances life has thrown at you. When you don’t react, when you don’t resist, the mind has nothing to do. So, your intuition kicks in and guides the way.

Over the past few months, our clients have had some pretty big life events occur.

Cancer. Divorce. Public speaking. Losing a job. Death. A child who underwent open heart surgery. Like I said: Big life events occur. Armed with the skills and perspectives I teach, each of our members found themselves taking what life throws at them in stride.

Instead of responding with the mind’s usual arsenal of negativity, our clients are able to make peace with what’s happening and even use ‘negative’ situations to their advantage. (I’ll share advanced techniques from transforming tragedy into triumph another day).

Here’s the punchline: If you want life to be easy, fun, peaceful and miracle-filled, then developing a quiet mind is for you.