Happiness, ultimately, comes down to family. A Pew research project, from the Pew Research Center, did a 44-country study. They found that the biggest factor in happiness, across the board with people, was family. Many people struggle with family relationships. Who do you need to forgive so that you can engage your family more deeply? What do you need to give up?

In my audio coaching series, “Ridiculous Bliss,” I talk about what you need to do to let go of the negativity about your family members so that you can engage them again, and get back to that place of love, harmony, and peace. What do you need to let go of?

See, nobody else needs to change to make you happy. The only thing that needs to change is your opinion. Your opinion is holding you hostage, not your family members. Just notice how you have opinions about things that you know nothing about, and that you have opinions about things that aren’t even the truth. You’re holding your family members accountable to agreements that they never even made.

You may be thinking, “Well, my parents should be like this.” “My kids should…” “My sister/brother should…” The word “should” is a word from a victim. “Should,” “have to,” “must,” “need.” Those are nothing more than words of someone who lives at the effect of others. Give that up so that you can be in harmony with the people around you, and watch your happiness soar.