Find out how Enlightened Perspectives have touched the life of husband, father and entrepreneur Jason Thomas.

An Interview by Lindsay Andreotti

(Lindsay) Being a Spiritual Hooligan.  What does it mean to you?

(Jason) I grew up in a very conservative Christian household, and I am no longer abiding by the illogical rules and dogma that has held me back from experiencing my life to the fullest. I’m not about doing what everyone else tells me to do.  Now I do what works!

(LA)What’s working in your life right now as a result of being part of this tribe?

(JT) All of these enlightened perspectives that Matthew teaches are helping me so much.  Muscle testing is definitely working for me. These kinds of ideas, as I embrace them more and more I feel more quiet in the mind, given me more peace, certainty, and confidence. Every person I come in contact with is getting the benefit of me learning these principles and tools. This has made my life easier and less dramatic.

(LA) You weren’t always a Spiritual Hooligan:  How did come to know the Quiet Mind Experience?

(JT) Besides growing up a conservative Christian, my whole life I’d go through spurts of excitement of being a better person, my own spirituality, and being a good person for God. I was always trying to please God and follow rules and laws that were handed to me in my life.

From 2013 – 2017, I was really all about “these are the rules that God gave us and we need to please him.” And I quickly discovered that was impossible! I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride, and wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it. On top of that, my parents were really into personal development. I grew up listening to Zig Ziglar, Les Brown and others who kicked off this personal development wave many years ago. I’ve listened to this stuff my whole life. And I could completely relate to the personal development prison Matthew refers to in his work. It never fully delivered on the promises it intended to.

I actually met Kristen on UpWork, and she gave me the run-down of what the Ferry’s are all about.  With that conversation, I immediately connected with it, and wanted to be a part of this tribe. I learned quite a bit through osmosis at first, just being around them. But I really got a full dose of what Matthew was teaching when I went to the MJM event in March 2017. It blew my mind! It was the opposite of everything I was taught. At first, I was kind of resistant to it.

I learned that muscle testing isn’t giving a true or false answer, but a more empowering or strengthening idea that supported me in my life.

It took me a while to embrace the perspectives more and more. And I have slowly, since 2017, been deleting the dogma.

(LA) Between 2017 and now, what is different about you or your life?

(JT) It was a pretty gradual process until I joined the Mastermind in 2018. That’s been what has changed everything for me.

I have always had an anger problem. I would get triggered, lash out, and feel awful afterward. I still have moments of that, but not nearly as difficult as I felt it in the past. Anger could have ruined my whole day in the past, and now I get a quiet mind back within 10 minutes and move forward in my day. I am more effective, and I got my time and efficiency back. I’m finding more of my heaven on earth rather than pleasing God with my former rules. I love embracing the enlightened perspectives that bring me peace today rather than being a judgmental “good boy.”

I have also reduced my fear and doubt, and I have a lot more certainty in the decisions I make on a daily basis. I feel like I can move forward with my own decisions, and not worry about the negative outcomes that could result. And I love this! I feel so much better just living my life.

(LA) What tools specifically have really served you best?

(JT) Muscle testing has been my favorite tool so far. It pierces through the denial mechanism in the mind. If I can approach ideas without my preconceived notions in the way, and find out if the thought is strengthening or weakening to you, it’s incredible. To embrace my empowering thoughts has been a game changer.

Jason and Abbey Thomas are raising three kids under the age of five in rural Arkansas.

(LA) Can you tell me about a time when you used muscle testing and it really served you?

Recently we were looking to sell our house and move closer to town. And we actually discovered the use of muscle testing helped us make the decision to even consider a move in the first place.

Secondly, we felt a ton of uncertainty about the financial implications of this move. We were concerned it could change our family dynamic and cause financial stress if we actually went for it. And we recontextualized the situation and tested the thoughts, and we found the benefits of moving into town far outweighed the concerns we were making up. We muscle tested over and over that this was the right play for us–for me, my wife, and our family. And we took a pretty big leap of faith and are now in contract with a new home that is supposed to close in 60 days. I don’t think I ever would have done this without the Quiet Mind tools.

(LA) As you have established more enlightened perspectives, how has your relationship with your wife changed?

(JT) Oh wow! This was substantial. She was significantly moodier in the past, relating to the kids and handling the household, and my modus operandi was to push into her and make her more ‘wrong’. She would then push back, and issues would get worse and worse.

Now my style is far more of a listener. I step back and view things from her perspective (and my kids’ too), and I am able to really hear their perspectives, and I can help bring peace and calm to the situation. This has been huge for everyone in the family.

I am a lot quicker to forgive and release at the moment, and I notice that it makes things in any situation calmer! This is the silver bullet!

(LA) What would you like to tell others our tribe about your own transformation?

(JT) Of all of the personal development and spiritual work I’ve done over the years, embracing the enlightened perspectives and using the tools Matthew teaches, has been BY FAR the best experience that has positively affected me and my family. I would invite anyone who is seeking, to consider this as a way to get more of what they want in their own lives.

(LA) Is there anything else on your mind?

(JT) Nope. 😉  And that’s good.


Editors Note: Jason joined our team in 2016 just weeks before Liberty was born. We hired him to help with our CRM and misc tech stuff.

Today, he is a valuable leader in our business, and is accountable for all our online systems and tech. If you do business with us, you’ve unknowingly benefited from Jason’s brilliance.