When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Enlightened it has become the self-appointed spiritually elite.  No one knows more about the “right way” to be spiritual than the Enlightened Drunk Monkey.  From its lofty perch, it decides who is worth helping, who is good, and who is bad, all while it is convinced that other people just don’t get it.  And if the world only knew how wise it is, they would hang on every word and behave according to its doctrine.  This is just the assassin in disguise killing anyone who doesn’t believe what it deems correct.

The Enlightened is a master at being super subtle. Its judgment comes with a smile and a sting. The best way to tame this Drunk Monkey is to go into profound states of humility, to recognize that your life is meaningless. Once this is accepted, life can be deeply meaningful. Watch out for The Enlightened causing you to think that you are important, relevant and in some way better than others. This is ultimately an inaccurate point of view, that will cause pain and suffering for even the most spiritual among us – including you.