When The Drunk Monkey is playing the role of The Judge it believes that it is the authority on life.  The Judge believes that it knows what is right or wrong for all people and all situations.  It holds people accountable to agreements that they never made and condemns them for not following its rules.

The Judge is repelling. People can hear The Drunk Monkey’s judgmental tone in even the most casual conversations and they secretly fear that it will judge them too. People protect themselves from The Judge by keeping it at arms length. Opportunities do not come easily to The Judge. It’s belief that it knows everything keeps it in a very small, compact world where it thinks it is the ruler. Meanwhile, it misses out – and doesn’t know why.

If you aren’t getting what you want in life, chances are The Judge is to blame. It literally pushes people and opportunity away declaring them wrong, bad, or not desirable. This is an illusion that can be seen once you become aware of how this Drunk Monkey operates.