1. Start small, because then you believe in it! You don’t get attached to small things, so results just come.

2. Don’t focus on Fear. Let go of Fear and you will Mega-Manifest…

3. Know that you deserve it. You deserve to Mega-Manifest. There is no evidence anywhere that you do not!

4. Manifest Big Stuff! Don’t worry how long it takes. Worry stops good things from coming to you.

5. Release your attachment to the outcome. You don’t need what you want. Your life is already amazing, so why attach to an outcome.

6. Let The Law of Manifesting Exist! What you want is coming! Say “I’m open to more money coming, however it shows up. Pennies and dollars; people sending me checks; checkers giving me too much change back, even getting a raise!” Just say, “Thank You!”.

7. Get clear about what you want. You may not know what you want and that’s okay. The Universe has a very powerful system for clarifying your desire. It’s called Breakdown! Breakdown is Breakthrough and it will clarify your life.

8. Be the essence of your Future now. Be the Essence, and you are already the Reality!

Remember, this is a world of attraction. The real prizes are there for you. Hold this thought, we will ALL Mega-Manifest , as we are intended to.