How I first learned about the power of my mind

My mentor’s mentor, Earl Nightingale, taught that you become what you think about.

It started for me when I was 5.

You see, my dad Mike Ferry worked for Mr. Nightingale selling records of the most famous motivational talk ever burned onto vinyl.

And one day while at our home in Newport Beach he sat me on his lap, and he asked me what I wanted the most. “A bike,” I answered.

He then told me to find a picture and post it on the refrigerator.

I did.

Soon, I had the bike.

That was the beginning of it all.

Truth is, our thoughts are very powerful. They create our mood, our experience, and even the physical results we experience in our lives.

Over the past two decades, thanks to my Mr. Nightingale, I’ve taught thousands to imagine and then take action to manifest their wildest dreams.

What you thinking about these days? What are your goals?

Write them down now. Don’t wait.

Here’s a photo of the record that changed it all – The Strangest Secret. This is the album my dad used to sell for Mr. Nightingale.

My copy is kept safe and sound in my office. It’s a reminder of the day over four decades ago that changed my life.

The Strangest Secret Album Cover