Here is a question I got from someone doing my free course.

“Hi Matthew

I’m enjoying your ecourse, however I have a question.

After having numerous business’s in which I was happy and visualizing great things to happen with them, why then do things go wrong for no apparent reason? Ok, I know people will say – ah when things went wrong you got depressed etc, etc and this led to more things going wrong. Well, I was quite happy to begin with so why all of a sudden do things go wrong and then all of a sudden you have to start getting in gear mentally with the hope of getting back to where you started in the first place!, that is, happy and visualizing great things for my business.

For example, you can buy a lottery ticket with great hopes and visualize what you might do with your winnings and what happens? Nothing!

But without even trying, you come out and staring your right in the face is a flat tire on your car. My point is without even trying everything and anything will go wrong, but to hope that something will go right, you have to start mentally starting to believe that it will, then your told you shouldn’t try so hard or you shouldn’t wish for too much or you shouldn’t do this or you shouldn’t do that etc etc…talk about confusing the mind!

My question is, were all told to get the mind in a good place with various techniques and things will start to happen, why then, when the mind was in a good place to begin with we need to bring it back to where we began before any of the problems started? Now, I am a positive person at the best of times but I cant figure out that the harder I try, the worse it gets and for sure I am not going to sit around not trying for fear of trying too hard….what am I doing wrong?

Kindest regards

Jim M.

Dublin, Ireland.”

Here is my response to Jim:  First of all you and I have to realize that “shit happens”.  Life is unpredictable and out of our control.  What you can control is your attitude or perception.  I’ve had many many failures in my life.  But what gives me an advantage is that I can correct my feeling of hopelessness and get back to actions that will “most likely” lead to good results.  I’m not always going to get good results.  But I am going to up my odds by intentionally working to stay in a good frame of mind and continuing to take action in the direction of my goal.

Jim, I’ve had a goal to be featured on TV for several years now.  It has not happened.  From one perspective I have failed.  From another, I just haven’t taken the proper actions to make that happen yet.  I get to choose which perspective I focus on.  My perspective makes me feel something.  I choose perspectives that make me feel good so that I can keep moving forward towards my goal.  There are no bad goals, just bad deadlines.

Keep moving forward.  Keep using techniques to stay in an optimistic point of view.  Even when all seems lost, the optimist can find a little bit of light and hope to continue on.