I received this note unsolicited from Sherry Haylett today and I was moved to tears of joy.  Sherry has coached with me personally and she just completed the Breakthrough to Bliss weekend retreat.  I hope you are as touched as I was 🙂

Breakthroughs, Bliss & Happiness

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered “Who am I?  What is wrong with me?  Why am I here?  Why I cant I?  When will I ever just get it?”  You know, get the relationship, get the job, get the friends etc.  Well, that was me before I met Matthew Ferry.

I came from one of those “dysfunctional” families.  But hasn’t everyone?  I could have used that as an excuse for the rest of my life but I wanted a “life”!  The problem was I couldn’t keep a relationship, always looking for the “me” job, never felt good in my own skin.  Matthew helped me change all of that.

One day I called Matthew, said, “I need help” and frankly I just meant in my real estate business.  I had just quit my brokerage, became my own broker and started my own shop with my name gleaming outside the front door.  Truth is, I was scared to death.  Who am I fooling thinking I can do this on my own?  I needed help and in a very short period of time Matthew did more for me than any of the coaches, counselors, and consultants I paid over the last 20 years.  The help he gave me has completely changed my life.  I finally feel like I have one.  After working with Matthew I am confident, capable, happy, healthy, free from the guilt and pain of the past.  How did I do it?  One day at a time, video at a time, one seminar at a time, one coaching lesson at a time and one relationship after another Matthew helped me take responsibility for my own power.   It wasn’t easy…but now..life is MUCH easier.

I now make more money than I could have ever imagined making, I sell more homes than any other Broker or agent in my area,  I no longer let people use me as a door mat, I stand up for myself, I actually understand people now—fear is no longer running my relationships—I respect people and I get their respect.  I am no longer a victim.  I am no longer lonely.

50 In a Bikini Contest

I’m 50 years young and this year I have “Transformed my Fear into Action!”.  This year I got up on stage and competed in a bikini contest with girls younger than my daughter!!  Talk about confidence!  I never would have had the courage to do it without Matthew’s help.  I still don’t have the perfect relationship in my life, but at least now I know what I deserve.   I know I don’t have to fix people or I don’t have to help them in order for them to love me.  Most importantly, I love myself.  I’m more forgiving, I’m closer to God and I realize that this life will be whatever I want it to be.  I’m in control.

I am forever changed by the work put out by Matthew Ferry.  I am forever grateful that he spends his time making sure his message gets out to the world.  I know it will change the world for the better, just like it has changed me for the better.  Thank you Matthew! – Sherry Haylett