[Enlightened Perspectives 06] When you practice these 4 unprovable dogmatic statements, your mind starts to go quiet and you become present to your infinite nature.

If you are going to make things up, you might as well make things up that empower you and feel good. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad. It’s about feeling and living.

To make things more interesting. Each of these statements causes your muscles to go strong when you expose yourself to them. Not sure that means anything other than you are strengthened by these statements.

  1. Be kind to people even when they don’t operate the way you think they should.
  2. The world is perfect exactly as it is. The only thing that makes it imperfect is my perspective about it. I can’t prove that the world is better or worse. My opinion only affects me.
  3. The people in my life are perfect exactly as they are. The only thing that makes them imperfect is my perspective about them. My opinion is the source of my suffering.
  4. I am not the ruler of the universe. No one actually cares about my perspective other than me. If someone aligns with my beliefs it’s because of common interests not because it’s the truth.

Okay, you got it? Play with these enlightened perspectives today and see what happens. I bet you feel more peace and flow. But maybe not. Put it to the test and go for it with everything you got. Then you be the judge.

Tell us about what happened if you are inclined.