It’s easy to let what’s happening in the external world drive our thoughts and behaviors. It’s not always easy to see why we get hooked on assessing, judging, and sorting through the non-stop stream of information coming at us day after day.

As human beings, we are hardwired to survive. It’s built into our DNA. The Drunk Monkey (my nickname for the mind) is designed to protect you from possible suffering, from pain and from discomfort. It’s designed to assess the external environment for threats – real and imagined – and then act accordingly. As a result, it has a tendency to get addicted to the news. And news organizations have figured out that sensationalizing information is the perfect bait to capture the attention of your Drunk Monkey.

The news has no commitment to truth. It has a commitment to making money which means “selling advertising.” The more viewers the news organizations have, the more money these companies make. Clearly, there is a natural pull towards the sensational versus the truth.  Blogging has only amplified the problem because of blogging, like this blog, is just someone’s opinion.

“All opinions are vanities and have no intrinsic value and are actually the result of ignorance,” says Dr. David Hawkins in his book The Eye of the I.

So what does someone who wants to feel good and make the best of the current economy do? One place to start is giving up your addiction to the news and your opinion about the news.

When you hyperfocus on what other people are doing or on things out of your control, you move out of your center. You take your attention off fortifying your personal economy, and individual well-being and put it on things that have little or no impact on your life.

While there is value in accessing external factors in the decision-making process, becoming evangelistically opposed to stuff you’ve got no control over is only negatively impacting your own psyche.  If you listen to yourself and your friends talk about the news, you will hear yourself and others sharing opinions about things that make no difference regarding issues you have no control over.

Instead, start asking yourself questions like…

  • What do I want?
  • Where am I going?
  • What can I do?
  • What actions can I take now?
  • Who do I need help from?
  • What is a miracle I could take a stand for occurring?

To put your focus on these kinds of questions will make a profound difference in your experience of life AND the results you produce.

To spend time pondering the news and how to fix things you can’t control that might possibly negatively affect you, is the mindset of the victim. (Read that again please).

To spend time espousing your opinion bailouts, stimulus plans, and financial volatility after the fact is completely ridiculous and only done by people committed to being stuck and spreading the illusion that they are not in control of their life.  Illusion not truth.

You are the creator of your experience, not the victim of your circumstances. You have the power to mold the circumstances of your life first with your attitude (your perspective) and second with your actions.

So what are you going to focus on?

Originally posted 2009.