Distractions diminish your effectiveness. They reduce your productivity. They slow down your results.

Distractions come in many forms. The ones I am talking about are the ones that occur between your ears.

The mind is designed to be on the look out. When we were cavemen, being on high alert for danger was a very practical thing to do.

The sound of a branch snapping in the night typically meant impending harm. So, having the mental capacity to react fast was a matter of life and death.

Today, it’s rare that we are ever actually in danger. Yet our minds are still tuned to shifting its attention in a nano-second.

This is why you’ll be sitting at your desk, working on an important project, and BAM! Out of the blue, your mind switches topics and starts thinking about your to-do list… or if you paid a bill… or when to get your oil changed.

In that moment, your focus is gone. Your productivity is stopped, even if for a moment. And your momentum is gone.

Over and over this phenomenon… your mind switching from topic to topic… happens throughout the day. Multiply this by a week, a month, and a year and you begin to understand the negative impact of distractions on your effectiveness, productivity, and results.

So, how do you reduce and ultimately remove this habit of the mind?

Most self-help is designed to change the mind. To control it. And that approach has merit. But it only gets you so far.

I would like to propose a different approach to addressing distractions: Transcend the mind.

Transcending the mind… or quieting the mind… is hands down the fastest way to reclaim your focus and increase your capacity to get things done.

Today, just begin to notice how your mind shifts from topic to topic as if it’s on high alert. As you become aware of this habit, you will naturally start to ignore distractions and begin to stay focused on what’s important to you.

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